Face Off – “The Colour of the Rain” (2013)


Label: Metal Maple Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Serbia, the band Face Off showcases guitar driven, alternative metal on their debut album “The Colour of Rain”. Throughout the 9-songs on display here, Face Off shows an affinity for straight forward melodic rock and metal that should fit in very well with today’s metal landscape.

The title song kicks things off and straight away the listener is met with a bombardment of riffs. “Dream Chamber” is a powerful number and the next track “Close Enough” quickly became a favorite. The band picks up the pace, tempo and heaviness on the ripping “War Against War” which almost has a thrash/death metal vibe to it. Marija Kovacevic’s clean vocals remain intact throughout the song and she also adds a bit of drama to her singing, she is also accompanied by screaming male death vocals near the end of the song. This is the most aggressive song here. “The Innocence” is more of a mid-tempo song, but still has a heavy guitar riff that drives the track. Other highlights include: “Voices”, “Fragile” and “Lost in Translation”.

With “The Colour of Rain”, Face Off delivers a solid debut. Sometimes it is easy to dissect and over analyze an album but with “The Colour of Rain” it is better to let the music do the talking. There is nothing flashy or showy about Face Off, they are just a good metal band, plain and simple.

Rating – 80/100



  1. The Colour of Rain
  2. Dream Chamber
  3. Close Enough
  4. War Against War
  5. The Innocence
  6. Voices
  7. Fragile
  8. Lost In Translation
  9. The End


Line Up

  • Marija Kovacevic – Vocals
  • Stefan Vitasovic – Guitars
  • Aleksandar Djordjic – Guitars
  • Stanislav Stanojevic – Bass
  • Zoltan Simon – Drums (Session)


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