Fate Prevailed – “Blue Skies Burn Red” EP (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Fate Prevailed is a progressive metal band from Canada. The band has existed since 2010 and have recently released their debut EP, “Blue Skies Burn Red”. I say EP, but at 38-minutes it is almost a full-length.

At 38-minutes and 5-songs “Blue Skies Burn Red” has its share of longer progressive type numbers. The band definitely will pique the interest of progressive metal fans but people who also love purely heavy music might also be interested in Fate Prevailed. The songs have very intricate arrangements but also have moments that are crushingly heavy. The female vocalist Ariane Ganga’s vocals are joined by extreme vocals from time to time. The first two songs in their repertoire “The Hunt is On” and “Blue Skies Burn Red” are a solid pair to start the album. The epic 10 ½ minute song “Merciless” is next and has its share of complex arrangements and tempo changes. It almost reminds me of Iron Maiden meets Dream Theater. Up next is the 7-minute “The Chemical Wedding” which has more of a straight ahead metal vibe for the most part. The 9-minute “Surrounded” brings things to a bombastic conclusion and pretty much includes all of the positives that Fate Prevailed has to offer.

Throughout the course of “Blue Skies Burn Red”, Fate Prevailed shows that they are indeed quite proficient at playing intricate, epic prog metal type of songs with a very, VERY heavy edge.

Rating – 75/100



  1. The Hunt Is On
  2. Blue Skies Burn Red
  3. Merciless
  4. The Chemical Wedding
  5. Surrounded


Line Up

  • Ariane Ganga – Vocals
  • Zach Karry – Guitar
  • Grant Kimmerer – Guitar
  • Michael Seeley – Keyboards, Vocals, Lyrics
  • Roger Harris – Bass, Vocals



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