Fateless Tears – “Halogen Dawn” EP (2012)


Label : BlueFreya Media

Review by Luisa Mercier

Fateless Tears are back and have just released a new EP called “Halogen Dawn”. The style proposed is their usual progressive metal with atmospheric moments crowned by S. Lee Baysinger‘s vocals. The title track is an almost 8 minute piece which starts in a slow pace, almost resembling a ballad and then acquiring traditional progressive sound. The piano central break is very moving.

The following “Tapestry” has a beautiful piano intro and it goes on with a synth based background on which the female vocals are free to express themselves. “Chysalys” is a short acoustic song while the myth-inspired “Annwyn” is a quiet song with a soft chorus as background music that make everything more ambient and rarefied. Last song is “Halflife” is another ballad, a simple one, just piano and vocals.  So, we can say that this EP focuses more on the slower, sweeter side of Fateless Tears, only the first song is more rock-centered. An interesting listening for all the fans of the band!

Rating – 75/100



  1. Halogen Dawn
  2. Tapestry
  3. Chrysalis
  4. Annwyn
  5. Half Life


Line Up

  • S. Lee Baysinger – Vocals
  • Richard Baysinger-  Guitars, Drums, Synth & Vocals


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