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Review by Tony Cannella

From New York City, Flames of Fury were formed in 2009 and in such a short amount of time they have already shared the stage with some great metal bands, for example: Doro, Rhapsody of Fire, Stryper and Kill Devil Hill just to name a few. They have a reputation for being a killer live band, well, with the release of this 5-song EP, they are sure to gain the reputation for being a killer band, period.

From the opener “Take It to the Limit”, Flames of Fury hit the ground running. They combine elements of classic metal with modern day power metal. The songs sound fresh and are brimming with confidence. In vocalist Angelica Vargas the band has a singer who delivers with all of the power and passion of Ronnie James Dio or Doro Pesch. Guitarist Jason Perez is a riff machine and he delivers some truly virtuoso solos. “Save Yourself” is simply awesome, this is just a straight-forward fist-in-the-air metal tune with a memorable chorus, great melody and vocals. The EP is completed with the tri-fecta of “I Burn”, “No Mercy” and “End of the Road”.

Throughout the course of this 20-minute EP, Flames of Fury reminds us just how powerful and exhilarating an art form that metal can be. “FoF” is a powerful and fierce representation of one of New York’s finest bands and one of my favorite new bands.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Take It to the Limit
  2. Save Yourself
  3. I Burn
  4. No Mercy
  5. End of the Road


Line Up

  • Angelica Vargas – Vocals
  • Jason Perez – Guitars
  • Ivan Romero – Guitars
  • Lu Hernandez – Bass
  • Angel Cotte – Drums



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