Forever Still – “Breaking Free” EP (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Forever Still is a melodic hard rock band with a decidedly fierce metal edge. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark the band was formed in 2009 and in the time that they have been together, they have already been receiving positive press and recognition. After listening to their debut 4-song EP, it is easy to see why.

So we begin with “The Key”. It opens with a bit of electronic music before the heavy guitars come in. My first impression is the singer Maja. She’s got a truly captivating voice. Near the end of the song comes this hell-ish screaming vocal part from Maja, which is quite impressive. “The Last Day” is a solid mid-tempo number with another bit of screaming from Maja. It is really disarming because it seemingly comes out of nowhere. The whole thing is wrapped up with “Towards the Edge”. This is another mid-tempo song and is driven by heavy guitars.

The good thing about “Breaking Free” is that the 4-songs are quite enjoyable and easy to listen to; the bad thing about “Breaking Free” is that it is only 10-minutes long. It is easy to lump Forever Still into this genre or that genre, and while the safe bet would be to say that they are a melodic metal band, but it is it is so freakin’ obvious that the band has so much more to offer.

Rating – 80/100



  1. The Key
  2. The Last Day
  3. Towards the Edge
  4. The Last Day (Live Acoustic)


Line Up

  • Maja Schønning – Vocals
  • Dennis Post – Guitars
  • Mikkel Haastrup – Bass, Guitars & keyboards
  • Jens Berglid – Drums


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