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Review by Alysha Hayden

2008 marked the beginning for French alternative rock band, Former Life. In 2015 they released their third album, “Blank”. “Blank” is an 8-track album which is everything listeners need in an alternative rock album; catchy, relatable lyrics mixed in with moving riffs and heavy drums. “Lost in Regrets” is the first track and straight away it draws you in. The sharp riffs reaching deep in your soul before the melody of Nell’s lyrics carry you away.
“Sick & Crazy” is the highlight track in my opinion. I absolutely love everything about this song and as an added bonus you can view the video for it on YouTube. From the looks of it, the band had a lot of fun making it. “Remain of Humanity” starts of a little different to the other tracks on this album with a short spoken lyric by Nell. Then Former Life gets back to rocking us out with their excellent compositions. If you’re a fan of alternative rock then this album should be a part of your collection. Former Life are growing as a band with every album so you’ll want to have them in your catalogue for they blow up.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Lost in Regrets
  2. Never Fit the Mold
  3. Sick & Crazy
  4. Blank
  5. Remains of Humanity
  6. Feather (Interlude)
  7. Long Time Ago
  8. Rise the Sound


Line Up

  • Nell – Vocals
  • Damien – Lead Guitar
  • PF – Guitar
  • Naüshad – Bass
  • David – Drums


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