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Review by Tony Cannella

From Sweden, Fourever is an all female powerhouse metal trio. Their debut album “Solitarium” is an impressive, powerful and energetic heavy metal release that should put these girls on the Femme Metal map.

So it says on their web site, and I quote: “Fourever is not a girl band. Fourever is a kick-ass hard rock band.” That about sums it up; from the opening strains of “Shout! Shout My Name” it is clear that Fourever are here to kick ass and have fun doing it. For a trio, Fourever has a huge sound with Mia Moilanen doubling on vocals and guitar and she is joined by the killer rhythm section of Nina Moilanen on drums and bassist Josefine Lindell to complete the band.

It all makes for a satisfying listening experience. The songs have an in-your-face confrontational and aggressive production to them and riffs are heavy and gritty like on the excellent, “I’m Sorry”, which is built around steady rapid fire guitar riffs. The pounding, melodic “Me, Myself and I” is next and sees the band maintaining a heavy guitar oriented base, while still managing to be melodic and accessible. Other highlights include: “Solitary (Never Meant to Be)”, “Come With Me” and “Left Behind”. Fourever has been around since 2000, but aside from three demos, “Solitarium” is their first official release. I have to say that if this is any indication, Fourever is a band that could be with us for a long time to come.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Shout! Shout My Name
  2. I’m Sorry
  3. Me, Myself and I
  4. Solitary (Never Meant To Be)
  5. Come With Me
  6. Stand Alone
  7. Left Behind
  8. Dementia Praecox
  9. Day After Day
  10. No More


Line Up

  • Mia Moilanen – Vocals & Guitar
  • Josefine Lindell  – Bass
  • Nina Moilanen  – Drums


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