FRAYLE – “Skin & Sorrow” (2022)

Cleveland-based atmospheric doom/post-metal band has recently released their second LP “Skin & Sorrow” which “is an excellent album worthy of your time, but not only for doom metal fans. There is content here for those interested in a variety of styles.”

Aqualamb Records – Lay Bare Recordings

Review by Warren Mayocchi

FRAYLE - "Skin & Sorrow" (2022)
FRAYLE – “Skin & Sorrow” (2022)

Doom metal takes many forms with a few regular features including drone-like backing music, almost slow-motion vocals. And a dense overall sound which wraps the listener within a cocoon of flowing noise.

Frayle have delivered their second album into the wilds with their creations meeting the criteria which will give it a label of doom. There is a gothic atmosphere also present here. And a quickening of the pulse which expand across genre boundaries. But when it bleeds it is definitely in the key to doom.

There are a few music videos to sample, all of which amplify the gothic personality in the music. They are all good representations of “Skin & Sorrow. Though it is on “Treacle & Revenge” where I found the video expression enhanced the sound best. The visual atmosphere and facial language underlined musical elements for me.

The videos for “Bright Eyes” and “Skin & Sorrow” are also excellent. Then there is an official making of video maybe for the fans. But it worth hearing as the band discuss the inspirations for songs on the album. It was interesting to hear about the approach and meanings for various songs. Including my personal favorite tack, “All the Things I Was”.

Musically it could be said doom metal conveys a sense of longing (or anticipation) and reflection. Here it is backed with lyrical content like “I remember the nights, You blessed me with your eyes, Rest now, beautiful soul.”

And “I walk alone, Hiding among the empty ones, Keep to myself, So well veiled the misery”. There is a definitely a poetic flow in the lyric which complements the haunting vocal delivery and crush of the instrumental.

“Skin & Sorrow is an excellent album worthy of your time, but not only for doom metal fans. There is content here for those interested in a variety of styles. This album from Frayle covers a few difficult years for humans and personally for band members. The band do state in their making of video it has a more somber tone than they expected. Perhaps the emotional inspirations help the album achieve the band’s goal of appreciating one’s sorrow as a natural step forward.


  1. All the Things I Was
  2. Bright Eyes
  3. Ipecac
  4. Perfect Wound
  5. Roses
  6. Sacrifant
  7. Skin & Sorrow
  8. Song for the Dead
  9. Stars
  10. Treacle and Revenge

Line Up

  • Gywn Strang – Vocals
  • Sean Bilovecky – Guitars
  • Elliot Rosen – Rhythm Guitars
  • Eric Mzik – Bass
  • Pat Ginley – Drums

FRAYLE – “Skin & Sorrow” (2022)

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