FULL MOURNING – “Beyond The Veil (Not Martha”) (single – 2019)


Independent Release

Review by Maryka Arcadu

A debut single is coming up for the one-female band Full Mourning (aka Dorian Lecter), who unleashed this new work on August 14th, 2019. “Beyond The Veil (Not Martha)” is a very interesting single, since it stands out from the traditional cliché of black metal music, Dorian‘s vocals are charmingly candid when she uses the clean singing, who turns out extremely cutting when she relies on her screaming who personally reminds me of Jonas Renkse‘s vocals in his first period in Katatonia. The sound is cold and it recalls Cradle Of Filth’s “Nymphetamine Fix” and this shows off a big talent, that could blossom and grow even further, ‘cuz metal really needs women like Dorian. In a more man-dominated music genre, it’s incredibly praiseworthy seeing more women embarking in the extreme panorama that is becoming more than commendable. Not everybody has what it takes to become a ‘queen’, over time it’s a rare thing to see women owning this title and Dorian surely could aspire in becoming a Queen herself, if she won’t put any limitation to her creativity, as she did ’till now in this small taste of the upcoming debut album, still in the works. Darkness is a deceiving place, it hides the Light herself and not everybody manages to see beyong the Black Veil. Embracing it and making it yours could be helpful in order to not being swallowed by darkness and not everybody can master her when they are in the midst of it. Dorian has started her own journey and the biggest wish we could grant her is to help her in becoming the undisputed Queen of this Darkness.

Review – 88/100


  1. Beyond The Veil (Not Martha)

Line Up:

  • Dorian Lecter – Vocals, all instruments



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