Funeral – “In Fields of Pestilent Grief” RE-RELEASE (2015)


Label: Solitude Productions

Review by Alysha Hayden

Norwegian funeral doom band, Funeral, have teamed up with Solitude Productions to re-release their second album “In Fields of Pestilent Grief” which sadly only had a short production the first time round. This doom death album pushes to the surface like an undead corpse while remaining true to the band’s funeral doom roots. The opening track “Yield to Me” starts the album off heavy with those female vocals that bring the haunting to the cemetery. The title track is a beautiful movement on the keys which is located halfway through the album providing a brief break from the guitars. The very next track, “Finding Failure” welcomes the listener back into the mausoleum of doom with their funeral metal sound. “What Could Have Been” speeds up a little at the opening but then slides into a rhythmic melody with clean female vocals and sharp guitars. “Vile Are the Pains” switches it up a little with deep male vocals that would bring a chill down the spine of any late night visitor to the tombs. The playful short organ piece after the third minute is a brilliant touch to this track about final judgement. The original closing track of “Epilogue” provides an instrumental ending to the album. Since this is a re-release, “In Fields of Pestilent Grief” has two demo tracks following after which is a real treat. I’m very glad this album was re-released as it’s a fantastic piece of the doom metal genre that the lovers need to re-discover.

Review – 90/100



  1. Yield to Me
  2. Truly a Suffering
  3. The Repentant
  4. The Strings I Carry
  5. When Light Will Dawn
  6. In Fields of Pestilent Grief
  7. Facing Failure
  8. What Could Have Been
  9. Vile Are the Pains
  10. Epilogue
  11. When Light Will Dawn (Demo)
  12. The Strings I Carry (Demo)

Line Up

  • Hanne Hukkelberg – Vocals
  • Christian Loos – Guitars
  • Idar Burheim – Guitars
  • Einar Andre Fredriksen – Bass
  • Kjetil Ottersen – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Anders Eek -Drums

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