Galley Beggar – “Silence & Tears” (2015)


Label: Rise Above Records

Review by Peach Galea

Galley Beggar are a London and Kent based band formed of 6 members who have all fallen in love with the rich old tones of folk rock. With the use of mandolins, guitars, bass, violin, percussion, drums and vocals they have managed to produce music that gives you the feeling of going back in time where the resonating sound of folk rock raged through the woodlands.

My personal favourite track from the album is “Empty Sky”, I love the vocals and lyrics in this track, not to mention the solo’s that manage to take your worries away and to induce imagery of clouds in an empty sky.

Galley Beggar are influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention. When listening I also was picking up elements of Florence and the Machine in the vocal tones of Maria.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Adam and Eve
  2. Pay My Body
  3. Empty Sky
  4. Jack Orion
  5. Geordie
  6. Silence And Tears
  7. Sanctuary Song
  8. Deliver Him


Line Up

  • Maria O’Donnell – Vocals
  • David Ellis – Guitar & Mandolin
  • Mat Fowler – Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals
  • Bill Lynn- Bass
  • Celine Marshall – Violin
  • Paul Dadwell – Drums, Percussion & Vocals

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