Label: Ravenheart Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Poland comes the melodic metal band Gemini Abyss. Their debut album is titled, “Claim of the Planet”. The album is a solid melodic metal feast and a great beginning for this band.

The eerie intro “The Abyss” starts us off and really grab the attention with a spoken word demonic type voice, this segues into the racing power metal of “Claim of the Planet”. This is definitely an up-tempo number and this is the type of track that would be a great set opener. It’s got a real live feel to it. “Cold Rain” is next and picks up where the previous song left off. The band has shot a video for this track, and it was a solid choice, in my opinion. “Claim of the Planet” features some great solos and classic riffing as well. Other highlights include: “The Story”, “Princess of the Night” and “Where Angels Die”.

Ravenheart music has given us a lot of great, unheralded music over the years and with their debut album “Claim of the Planet”, you can add Gemini Abyss to that list.

Rating – 77/100



  1. The Abyss
  2. Claim of the Planet
  3. Cold Rain
  4. The Story
  5. Land of Death
  6. Princess of the Night
  7. Master in the Dark
  8. Aleja Gwiazd
  9. Where Angels Die
  10. The End


Line Up

  • Klaudia Woroniecka – Vocals
  • Wojciech Sobierajski – Lead guitar
  • Tomasz Wasilewski – Guitar
  • Marcin Czyzewski – Keyboards
  • Maciej Malinowski – Bass
  • Marcin Gamus – Drums





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