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Review by Tony Cannella

Glass Delirium first came into existence in Denver, Colorado in 2008. A year later they released their debut album “Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads”, which I had the good fortune to hear and review for Femme Metal. Now the band returns with the latest (and last more on that later) EP “Honey Blood”. Glass Delirium offers the listener an amalgam of musical styles like jazz, prog, and straight-forward melodic hard rock. “Honey Blood” begins with three excellent songs in rapid fire succession. “Vapor”“Whore of Grieving” and “Consuming” are all powerhouse rock numbers and Michelle Huerd‘s strong vocals are impressive as hell. “Red Shift” and “Honey Blood” bring the 5-song, 17-minute EP to a close, quite nicely. I mentioned earlier that “Honey Blood” is Glass Delirium‘s last recorded work. Sadly, the band has decided to call it quits following the EP’s recording and release. Too bad too, because like their debut, “Honey Blood” features some quality work from Glass Delirium. If this is their swan song, their coda, they have definitely left their fans with wanting more.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Vapor
  2. Whore of Grieving
  3. Consuming
  4. Red Shift
  5. Honey Blood


Line Up

  • Michelle Huerd – Vocals
  • Scott Uhl – Guitars
  • Aeon Cruz – Bass
  • Sarah Lucinda -Keyboards
  • Pat Anderson – Drums



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