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Review by Tony Cannella

It is really hard to get a feel for an artist based on two songs. It’s even harder when it is two different versions of the same song. So it goes for the Belgian artist known as Gloria in Excelsis. But you know what? After listening to her new single “Cage”, I have to say that I really like what I’ve heard. Gloria had previously been with band Guren and now sets out on her own under the moniker Gloria in Excelsis and “Cage” is her debut single. The song “Cage” really has a heavy thrashy vibe with plenty of power and blunt force behind it. The pace is hectic and heavy, yet still melodic. The single comes with two versions of the song, one sung in English and the other in Japanese. Either way the song packs a mean wallop.

“Cage” is a really cool single from a top-notch Japanese talent. The single can be downloaded for free at: https: Check it out!

Rating – 83/100



  1. Cage (English Version)
  2. 2. Cage (Japanese Version)


Line Up

  • Gloria – Vocals



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