Godyva – “Alien Heart” (2013)


Label: Southern Brigade Records/Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

This is the 3rd album from the Italian symphonic rock band Godyva. The band formed in 2000 and released their debut album in 2006, followed by their sophomore effort in 2008 and now after a lengthy gap has just released album number three. There seems to be different categories that Godyva gets lumped into. Progressive, gothic, symphonic metal, etc., etc., I guess there are elements of all that in their sound, but to me they are just a good symphonic rock band with tons of melody. Lead singer Lady Godyva does not go the operatic route; instead she stays more in tune with the song, but also demonstrates that she has a wide range to work with.

From the opening keyboard driven intro and into the hard rock riffage of “Apocalypse Fire”, Godyva presents an instantly catchy and likeable hard rock and metal cocktail. There is no denying the effectiveness of the riff and you combine that with Lady Godyva’s vocals and you have a solid opener. “No Return” begins as a fast paced up-tempo number before changing tempos and vibes. This song is just great and delivers with a simply deliberate pacing before reaching a galloping metal velocity. The title song “Alien Heart” is bombastic. Musically, the band sticks to what they do and do it very well. The songs have staying power, and durability. Other highlights include: “I Feel You” (Ti Sento)”, the ballad “In Your Eyes” and the dramatic “Brainstorm” before the duo of “This Light” and “Apocalypse Fire II” brings “Alien Heart” to a close. With a playing time of around 48-minutes, Godyva delivers an impactful, melodic and highly listenable third album. “Alien Heart” flows seamlessly from song-to-song and the music is classy and strong.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Apocalypse Fire
  2. No Return
  3. Alien Heart
  4. My Earliest Memories
  5. I Feel You (Ti Sento)
  6. In Your Eyes
  7. Everything Is Over
  8. I Stay Here
  9. Brainstorm
  10. This Light
  11. Apocalypse Fire II


Line Up

  • Lady Godyva – Vocals
  • G.G. Gohm – Guitars
  • Botys Beezart – Keyboards
  • Nick Barah – Bass
  • Enyo – Drums


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