Label: Wohone Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Grace Solero is a talented singer and in 2010 has released her debut album, “New Moon”. Musically her style falls somewhere between classic hard rock and alternative. I was really surprised when I heard this since it is not at all what I am used to reviewing, but once the initial shock wore off I found myself head bobbing and thinking, “hey, this is pretty cool.”

“Apartheid” is the strong opener and is followed by “I Don’t”. Vocally, Grace’s style falls in the similar to Alanis Morissette category with a touch of Anouk thrown in there as well and musically the songs have that same kind of vibe. “Troops” is a laid back rocker with a trippy atmospheric style. The album veers off in different directions but still maintains a hard rocking base on songs such as, “Diary”, “Star” and “If U Feel”. While she is not strictly metal, Grace Solero certainly delivers her music with a lot of passion and attitude and “New Moon” is the satisfying end result.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Apartheid
  2. I Don’t
  3. Troops
  4. Time Ffor Living
  5. New Place
  6. Diary
  7. Star
  8. Stay
  9. If U Feel
  10. No More Tears
  11. Call to Me
  12. Heal Me
  13. Troops (Transfer Mix)


Line Up

  • Grace Solero – Vocals & Guitar
  • Dan Beaulaurier – Guitar & Vocals
  • Bjorn Zetterlund – Bass
  • Maurizio Liberato – Drums


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