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Review by Tony Cannella

Clocking in at 37-minutes, “Haven, Lost” the debut from Italy’s HavenLost lies somewhere between an EP and a full-length. Whatever the case, this symphonic metal band was formed in 2010 and this debut was released in 2013.

In addition to symphonic metal, the band throws in other influences such as Gothic metal and classic heavy metal. The three singing styles on display are a male gothic sounding clean voice (similar to Vintersorg), screaming male vocals and operatic female vocals. “Carillon” is a strong opener and focuses more on the clean male and female vocals. The main riff has a classic metal vibe to it and the violins give the song a mournful-ness to it. The piano intro to the next song “Haven, Lost” creates a melancholic vibe before the song picks up in tempo, before… coming to a halt with rain and thunder sound effects and the melancholy returns. I thought this was actually a pretty cool tune. I loved the way they played with the different tempo changes. It is a pretty intricate, progressive type of song. Other highlights include: “Wander’s Quest” and “Battle Spirit”.

It’s hard to say for sure what anyone will think of anything (does that even make sense?). Personally, I liked “Haven, Lost” better the second time I heard it – which happens to me quite often. So if you are not sure what to think “Haven, Lost” can be downloaded via their Facebook page.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Carillon
  2. Haven, Lost
  3. Wanderer’s Quest
  4.  Nescience’s Embrace
  5. Twilight Upon the Earth
  6. Ceneri
  7. Battle Spirit


Line Up

  • Filippo Talanca – Vocals
  • Gaia Dondi – Vocals
  • Michele Sunti – Vocals & Guitars
  • Federico Pareschi  – Guitars
  • Francesco Vellone – Violin
  • Bernardo Bruno – Keyboards
  • Lorenzo Sirani – Bass
  • Fabrizio Camassa – Drums



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