Heart Avail – “Heart Avail” EP (2016)


Label: Milagro Records

Review by Tony Cannella

There are always some great metal bands emerging these days, and now we would like to introduce another excellent band. They are Heart Avail and they hail from Spokane, Washington. Their style is part European influenced symphonic metal, combined with melodic riff driven metal. Lead vocalist Aleisha Simpson has a huge voice, where she can do the operatic stuff but can also reign it in if the song calls for it. The opening song ““Broken Fairytale”” shows off the more symphonic side of the band, whilst the next track “”Vacilliation”” is led by a huge riff and the soaring vocals by Aleisha Simpson. “Always” has another great riff and Aleisha adds a dramatic vocal delivery. This song is actually my favorite and could be a big song for them if it gets the proper exposure. The final two tracks, ““No Remorse”” and ““Pink Lace”” are solid, as well. I would recommend Heart Avail to anyone who just can’’t get enough of high quality, top-notch metal. I would describe them as a cross between Nightwish and (a heavier) Evanescence. That is just a point of reference though, I believe Heart Avail can appeal to wide array of metal fans.

Rating –- 95/100



  1. Broken Fairytale
  2. Vacillation
  3. Always
  4. No Remorse
  5. Pink Lace


Line Up

  • Aleisha Simpson –- Vocals
  • Greg Hanson – Guitar
  • Mick Barnes – Bass
  • Seamus Gleason – Drums





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