Heart – “Beautiful Broken” (2016)


Label: Concord Records

Review by Tony Cannella

With their new album, “Beautiful Broken”, Heart have re-visited some of the lesser known (but equally great) songs from their catalogue and re-recorded them with a couple of new tunes thrown in. The title song kicks off “Beautiful Broken”. This track features a killer duet between Ann Wilson and James Hetfield from Metallica. This is an odd pairing, for sure but it totally works. This is a strong opener and was one of the major highlights for me. “Two” is next and is a beautiful piano-driven song. From there the band re-visits songs like “Sweet Darlin” (from “Bebe le Strange”), “Johnny Moon” (from “Passionworks”) and “City’s Burning” (from “Private Audition”) among others. Heart really doesn’t need an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be validated to me and many other fans. Quite simply this band has been great for 40-years. Their plethora of great music goes deeper than “Barracuda”, “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You” and “Beautiful Broken” is a testament to how vast their overall catalogue is.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Beautiful Broken (feat. James Hetfield)
  2. Two
  3. Sweet Darlin’
  4. I Jump
  5. Johnny Moon
  6. Heaven
  7. City’s Burning
  8. Down on Me
  9. One Word
  10. Language of Love


Line Up

  • Ann Wilson – Vocals
  • Nancy Wilson – Guitar & Vocals
  • Craig Bartock – Lead Guitar
  • Chris Joyner – Keyboards
  • Dan Rothchild – Bass
  • Ben Smith – Drums








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