Heart – “Fanatic” (2012)


Label: Legacy Recordings/Sony

Review by Tony Cannella

The Wilson sisters have been an iconic rock band for many years and they are one the first female fronted rock bands to have any lasting success. They have recently been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – which is a pretty cool thing, even the Rock Hall lost all credibility years ago, it is still good to see Heart get the recognition they deserve. On their new album “Fanatic”, Heart remains as vital and inspired as ever.

It is good to see all of the endearing traits that Heart possesses are still in-tact. Vocalist Ann Wilson still is one of the most elite vocalists on the planet and is complimented by guitarist Nancy Wilson throughout the 13-track disc – which sounds very much like classic Heart with a few different nuances thrown in to keep things fresh and relevant. Heart balances classic rockers like “Fanatic” and “Dear Old America” with more ethereal softer type of songs like their duet with Sarah McClachlin on the song “Walkin’ Good” and “Corduroy Road”. There is plenty of quality music to be found on “Fanatic”, songs like “Skin and Bones”, “A Million Miles” and “Pennsylvania” is three more highlights that come to mind.

With their newest album “Fanatic”, Heart proves that they still have plenty of fresh exciting music to offer and they haven’t rested on past accomplishments.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Fanatic
  2. Dear Old America
  3. Walkin’ Good (feat. Sarah McLachlin)
  4. Skin and Bones
  5. A Million Miles
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Mashallah!
  8. Rock Deep (Vancouver)
  9. 59 Crunch
  10. Corduroy Road
  11. Beautiful Broken (Bonus Track)
  12. Two Silver Rings (Bonus Track)
  13. Zingara (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Ann Wilson – Vocals
  • Nancy Wilson – Guitars
  • Ben Mink – Guitars
  • Ric Markmann – Bass
  • Ben Smith – Drums


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