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Review by Tony Cannella

Holy crap! I had no idea what to expect from the Australian band Heaven the Axe. Heaven the Axe is a strange name for a band, but the title of their debut album “Sex, Chugs & Rock’n’ Roll” is just flat out weird. So based on those few things I wasn’t expecting a lot – shallow, I know – but man was I ever caught with my guard down and was treated to 38-minutes worth of ferocious hard rock with a punk rock intensity and attitude.

From the very first song, “Enemy” any doubts I had about Heaven the Axe were quickly laid to waste under a barrage monstrous guitar riffs and a confident swagger. The album simply does not let up for the duration and there are very few quiet moments until the obligatory ballad “Unconditional Love”. This song actually starts of as a sensitive ballad but as the song progresses it gets heavier and heavier, before ending on a sensitive note once again. Lead vocalist Phoebe Pinnock has a voice that is brimming with attitude and is a perfect complement to the hard driving music performed by the band – which is balls out, straight-ahead hard rock and roll. Highlights include: the aforementioned “Enemy”, “Electric Wire” and “So Nirvana”. The final song is the dreaded hidden track that starts at about five minutes in. I thought this practice was long gone? Anyway, the hidden bonus track is probably the weakest song on here; it is a slower song but is nowhere near the quality of the songs that came before it. With “Sex, Chugs & Rock’n’Roll”, Heaven the Axe has released a pure Rock and Roll with more than a little bite.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Enemy
  2. Masouchist
  3. Electric Wire
  4. So Nirvana
  5. Glue
  6. Get Your Devil to Do It
  7. Unconditional Love
  8. Tails to You (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Phoebe Pinnock – Vocals
  • Steve Watts – Guitar
  • Mat Silcock – Guitar
  • Trav Price – Bass
  • Aramis SV – Drums



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