Heonia – Portraits (2015)


Label: M & O Music

Review by Alysha Hayden

Heonia are a metal band from Lille, France. “Portraits” is their second full length album. The album features an interesting hand painted look for a cracked portrait of a woman. It appears as if there are two women in the painting, perhaps the two sides of a person? An interesting cover design, regardless. The record opens with “Dead End in the Hall of Fame”. Let me just say straight away how I love the track titles for this album. A great, high energy song. It also introduces the listener to Heonia’s combination of French and English lyrics, which opens them up to more markets. “Spiritual Blackmail” really stood out to me just a brilliant metal song. From the instruments, the sound, the growls and lyrics. It’s a well rounded track that is pure epicness to listen to. The opening to “Pieces of Visions” is also epic. The whispered lyrics like something you’d come across in a horror film, completely draws the listener in. “Shy” launches slowly with an acoustic guitar before the the electrics kick in and move more into metal territory. I like it when bands do this, it helps bring light and shade to the overall record. They are artists after all. The album closes with “Deathly Silence”. While this track is far from silent, it’s a moving song nonetheless ending the record with a big sound. I enjoyed this album and the creativity brought to it by Heonia. A great purchase for any metal enthusiast.

Review – 80/100



  1. Dead End in the Hall of Fame
  2. The Die is Cast
  3. The Shabby Ballroom
  4. Spiritual Blackmail
  5. Freaks’ Dance
  6. Pieces of Visions
  7. This is a Love Song (Almost…)
  8. Shy
  9. The Prey
  10. Disorders
  11. Deathly Silence


Line Up

  • Marieke –  Vocals & Growls
  • Cedric – Rhythm Guitars
  • JB – Bass
  • Damien – Keyboards & Growls
  • Thomas – Bass Solo
  • Dereck – Drums




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