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Review by Tony Cannella

Highlight Kenosis is a progressive rock band from Romania, but they are currently based in Germany. After forming in 2008, they released their full-length debut “Glowing” in 2009 and have now followed that up with an 8-song 32-minute EP titled “Change”.

The intro “Ouverture in D Minor” gets things going and leads into “There is No Secret” – lead vocalist Oana Marie Stoica is joined by some male vocals on this track. Next is the haunting  “Change the World”. Other highlights include: “I Wish You Felt the Same”, “Free From Agony” and “Loving a Ghost”. Even though Highlight Kenosis has been labeled a progressive rock band, they also add plenty of solid riffing and modernized heavier moments to go along with the progressive atmosphere of “Change”. Another thing that was pretty impressive about Highlight Kenosis is they also managed to write some pretty damn infectious songs. “Change” is certainly not going to change the template for what is considered prog rock, but Highlight Kenosis do a fine job in occasionally going outside the prog box to produce a diverse contribution to the genre.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Ouverture in D Minor
  2. There is No Secret
  3. Change the World
  4. Interludio
  5. I Wish You Felt the Same
  6. Free From Agony
  7. Loving a Ghost
  8. Outro… With Angels


Line Up

  • Oana Marie Stoica – Vocals
  • Marei Damian-Ulmu – Guitars
  • Adi Sardi – Bass
  • Dan Alexandru – Drums



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