Label: Bakerteam Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, the symphonic fantasy metal band HOLY SHiRE was formed in 2009. After releasing their initial demo in 2010, they followed that with their debut EP (“Pegasus”) a year later. Now the band has released their full-length debut entitled, “Midgard” via the burgeoning label Bakerteam records.

HOLY SHiRE consists of 8 members – that`s right, 8 members – and as the band have coined themselves “fantasy metal, “Midgard” certainly features some fantastical moments. This was an album that grew on me with each subsequent listen. Often, I find that those are the albums that have staying power and the 8-minute track “Midgard” is a fine example of the power, beauty and talent HOLY SHiRE possesses. Starting at the beginning, “Bewitched (My Words are Power)” is a bombastic opening track. Next is the video track “Winter is Coming” which features some cool tempo changes and a monster riff. Other highlights include: “Gift of Death”, “Holy Shire” and “Holy War”. But to me the albums shining moment came with the aforementioned “Midgard”. The album is completed with a metalized version of the traditional classic “Greensleeves”.

In addition to their symphonic metal leanings, HOLY SHiRE also includes elements of power metal, folk and just straight up traditional metal. With “Midgard”, HOLY SHiRE has released a debut that is well done and professional- and just plain cool.

Rating – 86/100



  1. Bewitched (My Words are Power)
  2. Winter is Coming
  3. Gift of Death
  4. Overlord of Fire
  5. Holy Shire
  6. The Revenge of the Shadow
  7. Beyond
  8. Holy War
  9. Midgard
  10. Greensleeves


Line Up

  • Aeon – Lead Vocals
  • Sisiki – Vocals
  • Andrew Moon – Guitars (lead)
  • Ed Gibson – Guitars (rhythm)
  • Reverend Jack – Keyboards
  • Ale – Flute
  • Piero Chiefa – Bass
  • theMaxx – Drums


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