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Review by Matteo Bussotti

Huldre‘s origins go back to 2006, but it wasn’t until 2010 that they found a stable formation, and here we are, with their first full-length. Huldre has been compared to Korpiklaani for their live performances, and where many bands play metal with folk, it’s been said that they play folk with a little of metal. And now, talking about the album… I’ll be brief: this CD is awesome.

Of course, if you hate folk-metal you won’t probably like it, but…it may change your mind about folk-metal. The fact about Huldre is they don’t do anything “new”, their folk-metal is, basically, well…folk-metal. It’s nothing unusual…but it’s very good folk-metal! it is neither too metal nor too folk, it’s a perfect balance between the two genres, with a “personal” turn from Huldre. Nanna‘s vocals are simply stunning, powerful and delicate at the same time, and moving when they need to be; they really help the listener to stay focused on the album, never letting boredom in.

All the songs are really energetic, you’ll just need to listen to them one time to fall in love with them. I simply cannot say anything more about this CD: it’s simply awesome, every song is a perfect balance among folk and traditional music, a ballad and the purest metal. You will be surprised and entertained in every song. For example, the first you’ll listen to “Intet Menneskebarn”, you may think, after 5-6 songs “Oh, ok, it’s cool, but it’s a classic album with usual songs” and then…BAM! Here comes “Havgus” which almost completely changes the album’s atmosphere, with a “happy turn”!

This is what I’m talking about: “Intet Menneskebarn” is just a pure pleasure to listen.You can buy it, physically or digitally, and, as you may have understood, my suggestion is…just buy it. Huldre deserve your money, trust me.

Rating – 92/100



  1. Ulvevinter
  2. Trold
  3. Skovpolska
  4. Brandridt
  5. Gennem Marsken
  6. Vaageblus
  7. Havgus
  8. Spillemand
  9. Beirblakken
  10. Knoglekvad
  11. Skærsild


Line Up

  • Nanna Barslev – Vocals
  • Lasse Olufson – Guitar
  • Bjarne Kristiansen – Bass
  • Laura Emilie Beck  -Violin
  • Troels Dueholm Nørgaard -HurdyGurdy/Flutes
  • Jacob Lund – Drums



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