Hurtful Witch – “Spectra” (2013) [DEMO] [REISSUE]


Label : Andromeda Relix

Review by Tony Cannella

There is no doubt that the 80s were an exciting time in the history of metal. Long before there was an internet, Facebook, MySpace, etc. the only way one could hopefully come across new bands were via underground fanzines, underground tape trading or if you were really adventurous about parting with your hard earned cash you could buy an album based on cool cover art. I stumbled upon many a cool band based on this method (I was also burned a few time too, not that I’m bitter or anything – live and learn and move on). The early to mid 80s were definitely a “do-it-yourself” era for metal and the Italian metal band Hurtful Witch is a perfect example of this. This band features a pre-Morgana, Roberta Delaude on vocals and if I am not mistaken this was her first band. Their sole release was the 3-song demo “Spectra” and since it is always fun to re-visit some forgotten and often overlooked gems in metal history, let us takes a look back at “Spectra” from Hurtful Witch.

First thing is the production is very primitive to say the least and the music is raw and straight-forward. The high energy – almost thrash metal – “We’re Fire” kicks things off and is a powerful opener with some relentless guitar riffs and Roberta’s strong vocals. “Lost Angel” begins with an ominous intro before the chugging music joins in. This is an eerie, almost early Black Sabbath inspired tune with an underlying evil-ness to it. The tempo is sped up for the classic metal gallop of “Behind My Eyes”. There you have it. The whole thing lasts for 18-minutes, but what a glorious 18-minutes it is.

Unfortunately “Spectra” was the only recorded material made available by Hurtful Witch. The production may be a little rough around the edges (it is a demo from the mid-80s, after all), but that is what adds to the charm and nostalgia. I am really not sure why this was sent to me for review. Is it being re-issued somewhere? I don’t know, but I am glad it was. Ah, 1985. What a great year for metal.

Rating – 75/100



  1. We’re Fire
  2. Lost Angel
  3. Behind My Eyes


Line Up

  • Roberta “Morgana” Delaude – Vocals
  • Dino Juele – Guitars
  • Vittorio Garino – Guitars
  • Fabrizio Francese – Bass
  • Max Careddu – Drums




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