Hypersonic – “Existentia” (2016)


Label: Revalve Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, the melodic power metal band Hypersonic returns with their second full-length (and first in 5 years), entitled “Existentia”. It is certainly great to have Hypersonic back, especially after their promising debut “Fallen Melodies”. Lyrically Hypersonic really comes at things from a Christian, powerful and uplifting perspective. Musically the band matches their lyrical approach with music that is as powerful and uplifting. It all makes such a great combination that I was all-in from the opening note of the mighty 8-minute opener “The First Sound of Life”. Hypersonic utilizes duel male/female vocals and they are very well done. “The Eyes of the Wolf” opens with a rather cool guitar riff and the song maintains a steady galloping beat throughout. Other highlights include: “As An Angel” (check out the lyric video on YouTube), “Embrace Me”, “Prayer in the Dark” and the 9-minute finale “The Meaning Of”. With “Existentia”, Hypersonic has really upped their game in comparison to their debut, “Fallen Melodies”. That is not to take anything away from their debut, but “Existentia” definitely seems to have that extra something that really brings out the greatness in Hypersonic.

Rating – 87/100



  1. The First Sound of Life
  2. The Eyes of the Wolf
  3. As An Angel
  4. Blind Sins
  5. Living in the Light
  6. Embrace Me
  7. Love Is Pain
  8. God’s Justice
  9. Life n’ Death
  10. Pilgrim’s Path
  11. Prayer in the Dark
  12. The Meaning Of…


Line Up

  • Alessia Rapisarda – Vocals
  • Emanuele Gangemi – Guitars
  • Dario Caruso – Keyboards
  • Francesco Caruso – Bass
  • Salvo Grasso – Drums & Vocals





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