Immortal Bird – “Empress/Abscess” (2015)


Label: Broken Limbs Recordings

Review by Alysha Hayden

From the streets of Chicago comes a full length grind/hardcore album from Immortal Bird. When we last heard from this band back in 2013 with their EP they only had three members. The addition of a new member hasn’t taken away from the intensity of their sound. Every track on “Empress/Abscess” pounds into the listener with its lyrical intent. They’re very creative with their lyrics and to show you here’s a couple of lines from “Saprophyte” that I loved: “Push words through my teeth, watch them flutter like wounded insects, only to sprawl twitching on the ground“. It’s also worth noting that all the tracks on “Empress/Abscess” were written by Rae and Evan. “To a Watery Grave” was my favorite track off the album by far. Its title, lyrics and execution made it a great track I could listen to repeatedly and never tire of. I’d love to see Immortal Bird create some music videos from their tracks: it would be a visual feast. I look forward to hearing what audio delights they serve up next.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Neoplastic
  2. Saprophyte
  3. The Sycophant
  4. To a Watery Grave
  5. And Send Fire


Line Up

  • Rae Amitay – Vocals, Lyrics
  • Evan Berry – Guitars
  • John Picillo – Bass
  • Garry Naples – Drums

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