Infinitus Mortus – “The Conspiracy of Love” (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From New Jersey, the Symphonic metal band Infinitus Mortus released their debut album “2012” in 2010. At that time the band consisted of only two members: Stephen Megna played all of the instruments and he was joined by lead vocalist Tara. Now Infinitus Mortus are a trio. Stephen Megna remains (and still plays all of the instruments), but this time is joined by a new male vocalist Vincent James Meehan and his sister Caitlin Meehan on female vocals. This line-up makes its debut on the second Infinitus Mortus album, “The Conspiracy of Love”.

“The Conspiracy of Love” is a concept album dealing with the pain and heartache of love. The album contains lyrical ideas from Rebeca Proaño Pasquel with some input from Vincent Meehan. The piano intro brings in the melancholy opener “Heart of Stone” as the song progressively gets heavier and we get the first impressions of Caitlin and Vincent. The next track “Plain Hearts” is pretty heavy, but moves along at an up-tempo pace and has a melodic quality that propels the song – and the presence of keyboards gives the song atmosphere while not taking anything away from the rapid fire heavy guitar riffs. The brother/sister vocal duo each work together well. Caitlin’s vocals are sweet and angelic whilst Vincent offers a clean, metal style. The parts where the two vocalists sing together (for example, the excellent “Un-Happily Ever After”) are pure magic. “Dissolve” is just pure heaviness as is the following track “Beauty, Lust, A Fake Love”. “The Conspiracy of Love” takes you on a lyrical journey that explores the highs, lows and superficiality of love and the music perfectly complements the lyrics and the two works hand-in-hand. The songs have a dark, gothic beauty to them, for example: “Love is Not”, “One With the System” and “Dance of Seduction” all delivers in a big way.

The additions of Vincent and Caitlin Meehan to Infinitus Mortus are huge and they both prove to be worthy additions to the band. “The Conspiracy of Love” is an especially strong release from a band who have become quite good at complex and dramatic conceptual metal.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Heart of Stone
  2. Plain Hearts
  3. Love is Not
  4. Un-Happily Ever After
  5. Dissolve
  6. Beauty, Lust, A Fake Love
  7. One With the System
  8. Your Sin
  9. Love Song
  10. Dance of Seduction
  11. Black Wings


Line Up

  • Caitlin Meehan – Vocals
  • Vincent James Meehan – Vocals
  • Stephen Megna – Guitars, Keys, Bass, Drums
  • Rebeca Proaño Pasquel- Lyrics




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