Inhepsie – “Obédience” (2012)


Label: Prana Concept/Brennus Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in Paris, France in 2001 by vocalist Cathy Bontant and guitarist Jean Suire, Inhepsie plays melancholic, down-trodden atmospheric Gothic Doom Metal. Over a decade into their career the band has only released three albums, “Oracle” in 2003, “Orbe” in 2008 and now this their latest “Obédience”.

“Obédience” features 9-songs and over 45-minutes of material that is mostly sung in French and musically, they are not the most uplifting of bands. Their songs tend to be heavy but deliberate in pacing, which there is nothing wrong with. Songs like the opener “Dernier Soupir” and the second track “Arkana” has an eerie atmospheric quality to them which is quite interesting. “Clair de Lune” is an excellent track that is a little more up-tempo and actually has a catchy chorus and a great melody to it. “Savoir Pourquoi”, “Grimoire” and “Innocence” are three more highlights. This is not music you put on at a party to have fun with. Inhepsie’s “Obédience” is an album that would probably be best suited with a dark and stormy night. Just light some candles sit back and enjoy the doom.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Dernier Soupir
  2. Arkana
  3. Clair de Lune
  4. Savoir Pourquoi
  5. Grimoire
  6. Les Anges
  7. Innocence
  8. Obedience
  9. Il Est Temps


Line Up

  • Cathy Bontant – Vocals
  • Jean Suire – Guitars
  • Nicolas Leceux – Bass
  • Dany Ladrat – Drums


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