Label: Yesterrock

Review by Tony Cannella

Isis Child is the brain child of French guitarist Freddy Mazzucco. Mazzucco spent 12 years in the U.S. before returning to France and the first version of Isis Child was born. After vocalist Nathalie Pellissier joined the fold Isis Child recorded their debut album “Ailleurs” in 2008 and sung exclusively in French. Now, Isis Child returns with their English language debut called “Strange Days” via the label YesterRock.

In addition to being a fine guitarist Freddy Mazzucco also wrote the songs and took on the production duties as well. With the help of some top notch session musicians on bass, drums and keyboards, “Strange Days” is an album that has a definite classic rock influence. Vocalist Nathalie Pellissier has a raspy, almost bluesy and definitely soulful vocal style throughout the 12-song, 48-minute release. The opener “Let’s Take a Walk” is a bouncy, infectious rock number of an opener and pretty much sums up what Isis Child is about. “Dancing” is next and starts with a solid guitar riff that pretty much sticks around for the duration of the song. The ballad “Can’t You Hear Me” slows the tempo down a bit, but has a slow build to it and is followed by the emotional “I Love the Way”. For the most part “Strange Days” consists of some impression bluesy, AOR, Classic Rock. This definitely is not what I would describe as head banging or even metal music, but there are some good songs throughout the album, like: “Looking for the One”, “If You Wanna Be Mine”, “Even If” and “Stop Looking Down on Me”. Freddy Mazzucco and Nathalie Pellissier prove to be a good combination. They say that everything old is new again, and with “Strange Days”, Isis Child puts their own impressive stamp on classic rock.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Let’s Take a Walk
  2. Dancing
  3. Can’t You Hear Me
  4. I Love the Way
  5. Loneliness
  6. If You Wanna Be Mine
  7. It’s Always the Same
  8. Looking For The One
  9. Strange Days
  10. Even If
  11. Someone
  12. Stop Looking Down On Me


Line Up

  • Nathalie Pellissier – Vocals
  • Freddy Mazuco – Guitar





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