Issa – “Can’t Stop” (2012)


Label : Frontiers Records

Review by Tony Cannella

For her third album, the Norwegian rock diva Issa chose to go in a different direction. Sure “Can’t Stop” is chock full of up-tempo, bouncy AOR infused rock music, things that Issa has become noted for on her previous two albums, but the difference is “Can’t Stop” is an album made up cover songs – and very obscure covers at that.

Instead of opting for recording already well known classics, Issa instead tackled some little known goodies by the likes of 21 Guns, Tangier, Aviator and Marcy (formerly Marc) Free. It’s a pretty interesting collection of material and it still maintains the Issa melodic stamp. The opening tune “Can’t Stop” – which is also the first single/video – sets the mood right off the start with its bouncy up-tempo style. “Power Over Me” is next and would be a great choice for single number two. It has a slower tempo. The entire collection of songs is quite satisfying, with some of the best highlights being: “Just a Wish”, “Dream On” and “I Won’t Surrender”.

Sure these songs are pretty obscure, but therein lay the charm and make it a bit different from the multitude of cover albums that are besieged upon us these days. For the record, I like most covers albums, but seeing how I am unfamiliar with all of the songs on this set, “Can’t Stop” seems fresh and new to me a just a strong Issa album. These songs may not be household staples, but the material representing “Can’t Stop” is pretty solid nonetheless. Issa has something special about her that recalls Hard Rock/Metal sirens of the 80s and “Can’t Stop” is further confirmation of this talented ladies appeal.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Can’t Stop
  2. Power Over Me
  3. Wherever You Run
  4. Just a Wish
  5. If You Ever Fall
  6. Do You Ever Think of Me
  7. Dream On
  8. Stranded
  9. Heat of the Night
  10. I Won’t Surrender
  11. State of Love
  12. These Eyes


Line Up

  • Isabell Oversveen – Vocals
  • Mario Percudani – Guitar
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
  • Anna Portaluppi – Bass
  • Alessandro Mori – Drums



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