Jaded Star – “Memories from the Future” (2015)


Label: Sensory Records

Review by Alysha Hayden

“Memories from the Future” is the debut album for Jaded Star. These Greece based melodic metal supernovas come from experience in other groups, Visions of Atlantis and Iced Earth to name a couple. Their experience shines through on this album leaving the word debut the cremate in their afterburners. “The Mask” opens “Memories from the Future” with a big metal sound and melodic lyrics that will have you strapped into your escape pod ready to leave on this adventure. “Keep on Fighting” has a symphonic metal opening that is remincent of bands like Evanescence however Jaded Star make the style their own with with their futuristic feel and Maxi’s powerful vocals. Jaded Star have given the track “Stars” a colourful lyric video which can be viewed here. The lyrics to this track call you to the stars in keeping with the spaceage/futuristic theme of the album. “Into the End of Time” roars into focus with heavy guitar at the mid point of the album with romantic lyrics that will carry you through into the end of time. “You’ll See” maintains the fast paced sound of this album with a similar sound to Amaranthe. “Memories from the Future” features beautifully detailed cover artwork by Greece artist, Lila Belivanaki. The females depicted on the cover have similar features to Jaded Star’s front woman with an alternative science fiction style. With creative nods to two greats in Evanescence and Amaranthe I was destined to be star struck with this album. I look forward to what this creative meld of artists will bring us with their next album.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Mask
  2. Wake Up
  3. Keep On Fighting
  4. Stars
  5. Into the End of Time
  6. Healing the Inner Child
  7. You’ll See
  8. In Memory
  9. Innocence
  10. Raining in Sao Paolo


Line Up

  • Maxi Nil – Vocals
  • Kosta Vreto – Guitar
  • Babis Nikou – Bass
  • Raphael Saini – Drums






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