Janey Summer – “Time Wil Tell” SINGLE (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From the UK, Janey Summer released her debut “Along the Way” way back in 2008. She returns now with a phenomenal, fantastic and just flat out excellent 2-song single “Time Will Tell”.

Where her debut, caught me by surprise, I was more than prepared for this 2-songs and 8-minutes worth of music – or so I thought. Now, Janey Summer is not a typical “metal” artist, her music is probably more rock than metal, but she does incorporate some heavier moments into the songs. But the main attraction for me is that voice. Janey Summer has such an expressive and unique voice that really comes shining through on these two songs. I absolutely adored the opening track “Time Will Tell”. I loved the lyrics, the song has a haunting, beautiful quality to it and it is a song that I couldn’t help but listen to over-and-over again. The next track “On My Own Again” begins with a straight-forward rock guitar riff and is more up-tempo than the previous song and shows another side to Janey. Did I mention how much I love her voice? Well it deserves reiteration.

I absolutely loved these two songs that make up “Time Will Tell”, but it is not enough. Hopefully another full-length is not too far off. These two songs definitely had me hungry for more.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Time Will Tell
  2. On My Own Again


Line Up

  • Janey Summer – Vocals
  • Nick Williams  – Guitars
  • Mart Allerston – Bass


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