Jess and the Ancient Ones – “Astral Sabbat” EP (2013)


Label : Svart Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

After their high praised self-titled debut, Finnish Jess and The Ancient Ones are back with a elegant new EP. They are a band that can deal with their different nuances, creating a mood, an atmosphere that were so dear to the rock of the Seventies.

The EP is made up of three tracks bathed by a magic breath, a liquid sound that is found also in the instruments. There is feeling, focused on awakening the souls that are sleeping through doomish moments, blues influences and airy keyboards.

Jess‘s voice is not as harsh as that of other female singers in occult rock, but it is dark and mysterious and I love it all the same. Her performance is great, you will get shivers if you are into this kind of music.An example of all this is the long last track “More Than Living”, almost 15 minutes that start like the most classic of progressive rock and goes in an acoustic, melancholic mood that reminded me of The Gathering from “Mandylion” sometimes. If you love occult rock, this is a release you cannot miss.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Astral Sabbat
  2. Long and Lonesome Road
  3. More Than Living


Line Up

  • Jess – Vocals
  • Thomas Corpse – Lead guitar
  • Thomas Fiend – Lead guitar & backing vocals
  • Von Stroh – Rhythm guitar
  • Fast Jake – Bass guitar
  • Abraham – Keyboard
  • Yussuf – Drums & percussion


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