Italians Do It Better

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Perhaps there is an element of comedy in having an Australian artist release an album called “Human Again” on the music label Italians Do It Better. If there was, the joke would surely have to be located in a bar. It is stated in the album’s promotional material, “Human Again” was created in hotel rooms after nightly performances. Perhaps not quite a bar, but fairly close. It also helps to explain the album name – “Human Again“. The nightly quest of a travelling entertainer to return to the earthy realms the other mortals occupy. Despite my opening, listening to Jorja Chalmers creative labours is not a particularly humourous endeavour. The songs blend well to create an occasionally driven late night sparsely populated ambience. Jorja Chalmers is well-known for her mastery of the saxophone, and it can be heard here, but it is not a really a dominanting factor. Perhaps you might not even recognise the saxophone passages if you were not made aware of them, but once you know they exist they do shine. What you will recognise is an lush electronic production which tends toward Gary Numan‘s darkness and Vangelis‘ romance. Vocals are generally a background effect with the moody instrumental currents directing traffic for duration of the album. There is a video for title track “Human Again” which provides a good sample of the style and sound of the album. Personally I prefer several of the other songs which tend to dwell deeper in some of the moments which “Human Again” presents during the sub-three minute play time. For my hearing, standouts are “Red Light”, “Copper Bells”, “Suburban Pastel” and “This is Where The Sky Begins”. What does surprise me is the cost of the album on the label’s website ( For one dollar I wondered whether I might only be buying one song, instead I gained a personal copy of the entire work. A bargain for a classic work such as this.

Rating – 92/100


  1. Human Again
  2. Red Light
  3. Black Shadow
  4. She Made Him Love Again
  5. Copper Bells
  6. No Words
  7. Our Love In A Glass So Thin
  8. Suburban Pastel
  9. The Sum Of Our Sins
  10. This Is Where The Sky Begins
  11. She Made Him Love Again (Remix)
  12. Ship In The Sky

Line Up:

  • Jorja Chalmers – Vocals, all instruments


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