Kaipa – “Sattyg” (2014)


Label: Inside Out

Review by Tony Cannella

Originally formed in 1974, the Swedish prog rock outfit Kaipa is perhaps the greatest progressive band that nobody has heard of. Well, it is a stretch to say that nobody has heard of them, but they are certainly not a household name. The fact is, they have enjoyed a healthy career that has spanned decades and continue to write and record complex and beautifully arranged material. Their latest chapter is entitled “Sattyg”.

Kaipa is refreshing in that you simply don’t hear too many bands playing classic, big arena progressive rock. With a playing time of 70-minutes and only 7-songs, “Sattyg” features its share of epic moments. The opening track is the 15-minute “A Map of Your Secret World”. Aleena Gibson has been a female vocalist for the band since 2000 and clearly does a fantastic job throughout the CD. “World of the Void” is next and at 8-minutes is one the shorter songs. The 13-minute “Screwed-Upness” is next and is followed by the title track. The band infuses a lot of melody along with awesome musicianship on such highlights as: “A Sky Full of Painters” and “Unique When We Fall”.

The amount of musical talent within Kaipa is mind-boggling. “Sattyg” should be a prog rock fans dream – particularly if you enjoy 70’s classic progressive bands like Pink Floyd, Yes and early Genesis.

Rating – 79/100



  1. A Map of Your Secret World
  2. World of the Void
  3. Screwed-Upness
  4. Sattyg
  5. A Sky Full of Painters
  6. Unique When We Fall
  7. Without Time – Beyond Time


Line Up

  • Aleena Gibson – Vocals
  • Patrik Lundstrom – Vocals
  • Per Nilsson – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Hans Lundin – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Morgan Agren – Drums


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