Kerion – “CloudRiders Part 2: Technowars” (2015)


Label: Beyond the Storm Productions

Review by Miss Peaches

Kerion are a symphonic metal band from Nice, France. Kerion presented something from the start that made them stand out in the scene and they’ve released the 1st part of this concept album back in 2012, “CloudRiders Part 1 : Road to Skycity”. The album concept was of a fantasy told through the perfect blend of symphonic power metal and folk. So it is now finally time to review “CloudRiders Part 2: Technowars” the second part of this imaginative concept album. This album kicks off with the “Riders Theme” which sets the scene perfectly, with elements reminding me of the great Lindsay Stirling, it most certainly is a well thought out piece of music to start off the album which leads perfectly into “The Legacy” which is one of my personal favourite songs from this album as there are so many elements influenced by both the instruments and the vocals creating this beautiful feeling of empowerment.

“Technowars” is another track to hit the repeat button for as listening to this one sparks some very interesting imagery for those with willing minds. I personally am a fan of the steampunk elements you may also find hidden within this track. It is a very unique album overall, I must recommend a listen by all Amaranthe and Within Temptation fans worldwide not to mention those looking for that futuristic feel!

Rating – 100/100


Track List

  1. Riders Theme (Intro)
  2. The Legacy
  3. Take Me On!
  4. Rise Of The Rebellion
  5. Iron Soldier
  6. Heart Of Steel (Metal Heart)
  7. Spirit Of The Wood
  8. In Silence
  9. The Brotherhood
  10. Riding Clouds
  11. Children Of Sky And Sea
  12. Technowars
  13. Riders Theme (Outro)


Line Up

  • Flora Spinelli – Vocals
  • Remi Carrayrou – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Sylvain Cohen – Rhythm Guitars
  • Anthony Schutz – Bass
  • Jean-Baptiste Pol – Drums

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