Kiara Laetitia – “Fight Now” EP (2013)


Label: Spider Rock Promotion

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Kiara Laetitia was previously the lead singer for the symphonic metal band Skylark from 2003-2011. She sang on five albums with the band before departing. Now she resurfaces with a new 4-song, 20-minute EP entitled, “Fight Now”. For this EP Kiara has collaborated with Virgin Steele frontman David Defeis on the writing and production end of things and “Fight Now” is the impressive result.

The opening track “Fight Now” is a great, anthemic track and one that really gets the heart racing and blood pumping. Next is “I’m not God” which is a mid-tempo rock song. “Miss You Again” is a pretty cool moody ballad with a touch of melancholy. The whole thing is completed with an excellent cover of the Virgin Steele song “Victory is Mine”.

With only a 20-minute playing time, “Fight Now” may be short, but its impact is in no way diminished. Kiara Laetitia is a talented singer and “Fight Now” showcases those talents enthusiastically.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Fight Now
  2. I’m Not God
  3. Miss You Again
  4. Victory is Mine


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