Kiske/Somerville – “City of Heroes” (2015)


Label: Frontiers Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske have released a collaboration with a heroic title and similarly themed lyrical content. This is a fun album – combine a couple of great voices with a solid backing band, give them songs of heroism and inspiration, then listen to the powerful output. The music on the album stays with the rock sound displayed in the couple of videos that have been created for “City of Heroes” and “Walk on Water”. To my ears, the latter is the best track on the album.

There is variety in the sound of the band with regular musical highlights from all musicians. Mostly the album has an energetic melodic hard rock approach. “Walk on Water” adds in a piano and the ballad, “Ocean of Tears” features strings. This album is headlined by two vocalists, so the band does let them shine. In most of the songs the vocals are traded between the pair, with occasional harmonising. Amanda, Michael and the band combine well to lift the songs to the heroic aspirations of the songwriters. If there is any kryptonite here, it would attempting to listen to the album in the wrong mood. Power rock, such as this, may best be appreciated when experiencing at least a slightly heroic feeling yourself.

A few years ago the dynamic duo – Kiske/Somerville – released a self-titled album of power rock. “City of Heroes” is similarly an album with great production, but I prefer the songs presented here – they are musically more interesting. To come back for this sequel the pair must have enjoyed their original team-up. I join them in their enjoyment as the music on “City of Heroes” makes me smile.

Rating – 80/100



  1. City of Heroes
  2. Walk On Water
  3. Rising Up
  4. Salvation
  5. Lights Out
  6. Breaking Neptune
  7. Ocean of Tears
  8. Open Your Eyes
  9. Last Goodbye
  10. After the Night Is Over
  11. Run With a Dream
  12. Right Now


Line Up

  • Michael Kiske – Lead & Backing Vocals
  • Amanda Somerville – Lead & Backing Vocals
  • Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & Keyboards
  • Mat Sinner – Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Veronika Lukesova – Drums





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