Label: InsideOut

Review by Tony Cannella

What do you get when you mix folk, psychedelic music with prog? Well, I am pretty sure it would come out sounding something like Knifeworld. Those three genres are just the tip of the iceberg. With their second album “The Unravelling”, Knifeworld have so much more to offer that it makes classification nearly impossible.

“The Unravelling” is not the type of music that you hear a ton of in 2014. Their songs tend to be progressive, jamming kind of tunes in the vein of King Crimson, maybe a bit of Rush or very early Genesis. I have a great deal of respect for what Knifeworld has accomplished with “The Unravelling”. The opening trio of “I Can Teach You How to Lose a Fight”, “The Orphanage” and “Send Him Seaworthy” are high the musical dexterity scale. “Don’t Land on Me” is an 8-minute epic and one of the best. The final song is the 9-minute “I’m Hiding Behind My Eyes” which as it turns out is another very good tune. Throughout the course of this 8-song, 46-minute album, there are so much nuances and twists and turns that it gets dizzying at times, but the fact remains that Knifeworld can play and are uber talented.

I know that Knifeworld will not be for everybody, but if given time and approached with an open mind, “The Unravelling” should appeal to fans who walk on the adventurous side of the rock n’ roll tracks.

Rating – 76/100



  1. I Can Teach You How to Lose A Fight
  2. The Orphanage
  3. Send Him Seaworthy
  4. Don’t Land on Me
  5. The Skulls We Buried Have Regrown
  6. Destroy the World We Love
  7. This Empty Room Once Was Alive
  8. I’m Hiding Behind My Eyes


Line Up

  • Kavus Torabi – Vocals, Guitar
  • Melanie Woods – Vocals, Percussion
  • Emmett Elvin – Keyboards
  • Chloe Herington – Bassoon, Saxophone, Vocals
  • Josh Perl – Saxophone, Vocals
  • Nicki Maher – Saxophone, Vocals
  • Charlie Cawood – Bass
  • Ben Woollacott – Drums



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