KONTRUST – “Explositive” (2014)


Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

A couple of words I would use to describe the Austrian band Kontrust are: quirky, unique and… fun. OK, that’s more than a couple of words but really there are probably a lot more adjectives you could find to describe this band. I’m not even sure how you would categorize them, alternative rock/metal? Dance rock? Reggae metal? Electronica? Polka metal? It certainly is an eclectic mix that Kontrust delivers on their new album, “Explositive” and it is definitely way different than what we would normally hear from Napalm Records.

Songs like “Dance”, “Why”, “I Freak On”, “Bulldozer” and “Play!” highlights Kontrust’s unique, fearless attitude. The band has a male and female singer with totally different styles. They definitely explore all of the musical genres I mentioned above and more. So to categorize this band is virtually impossible, but it rocks.

Kontrust is pretty cool in that they mash together all of these different styles and it doesn’t come out as an incoherent mess. That in and of itself is an accomplishment; you really do get the feeling that “Explositive” is an honest record and whether you like them or don’t (and they most certainly will not be everyone’s cup of tea) the album seems very natural and not at all like a band who are doing something different for the sake of it.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Dance
  2. Why
  3. Just Propaganda
  4. I Freak On
  5. Shut Up
  6. Cosmic Girls
  7. Vienna
  8. Bulldozer
  9. Play!
  10. This Is My Show
  11. Bad Time


Line Up

  • Agata – Vocals
  • Stefan – Vocals
  • Mike – Guitar
  • Gregor – Bass
  • Manuel – Percussion
  • Roman – Drums


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