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Review by Luisa Mercier

Greek combo Korrigan released in 2010 their first full-length, after a demo and a promo EP. The kind of music that they deliver us is a very melodic death metal with a lot of atmosphere. All of the nine songs are very well written, maybe there is not one that really stands out, but the quality is really high.

Main influences come from the past: their Greek companions Septic Flesh, but also Amorphis, Tiamat and gothic masters Tristania. Listen for example to “Suicidal Urges”, the heavy riffs are graced by keyboards and beautiful female vocals provided by Zoe. Another important element in Korrigan‘s music is the violin, which makes everything more elegant as you can see in “As Sanity Fades”, while in “Hopeless Times” there are some black-metal blast beats! “Endowed by the Ruins” is the longest track on the album and has a quite progressive feeling: from calm moments to faster and heavier ones.

Again, I would like to highlight the amazing violin break in “Deciphering Denial”, better than any guitar riffs! A semi-ballad is “Tonight”, while a really weird intro is the one for “Into Hoydish Dream”, very progressive, which slowly turns into heavy metal. Very different from the rest of the album. If you miss the old gothic-metal mood of the ’90s, this album could fit your taste.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Purifying Her Frozen Soul
  2. Versus Sun
  3. Suicidal Urges
  4. As Sanity Fades
  5. Hopeless Times
  6. Endowed by thy Ruins
  7. Deciphering Denial
  8. Tonight
  9. Into a Floydish Dream


Line Up

  • Vaggelis – Vocals
  • Zoe – Vocals
  • Kostas – Guitar
  • Vassilis – Guitar
  • Stefanos – Violin
  • Manos – Keyboards
  • Giannis – Bass
  • Panagiwtis – Drums



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