La Luz – “It’s Alive” (2013)


Label: Hardly Art

Review by Tony Cannella

LaLuzItSAliveCoverAlbumNow for something completely different – off the charts different and all together unique. The band is called La Luz and they are an all-girl band from Seattle, Washington. On their debut album “It’s Alive” the band plays a sort of hybrid of rock music mixed with surf doo-wop music. Got that? Let me repeat that, surf doo-wop.

From the opener, “Sure as Spring”, It’s obvious that La Luz has something different and interesting going on. The songs are well done and the vibe is even a little dark. Make no mistake about it; La Luz is not your typical, average, everyday metal band. I think calling them metal would be a stretch. The vocals tend to remind me of Johnette Napolitano from the band Concrete Blonde. There is a certain rawness and emotional beauty in the production and the songs. Highlights include: “All the Time”, “Morning High”, “It’s Alive”, “Big Bad Blood” and “Pink Slime”.

There is no doubt that on “It’s Alive”, La Luz offers something unique and different by today’s musical landscape. They are to be commended for that.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Sure as Spring
  2. All the Time
  3. Morning High
  4. What Good Am I?
  5. Sunstroke
  6. It’s Alive
  7. Big Bad Blood
  8. Call Me in the Day
  9. Pink Slime
  10. Phantom Feelings
  11. You Can Never Know


Line Up

  • Shana Cleveland – Guitar and Vocals
  • Abbey Blackwell – Bass
  • Alice Sandahl – Keyboard
  • Marian Li Pino – Drums


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