Lacey Sturm – “Life Screams” (2016)


Label: Followspot Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Since her departure from Flyleaf (after 10-years and 3-albums), Lacey Sturm has done a number of guest appearances with other artists and even published a memoir. Now she has released her debut solo record, “Life Screams”. From the very beginning of the opening track “Impossible”, Lacey is here to announce her return with a vengeance. The next two songs “The Soldier” and “I’m Not Laughing” are perhaps the best on “Life Screams” (or at least my favorites). “Vanity” is a dark somewhat disconcerting intro to “Rot”. “Rot” is a brilliant foray into the darkness and another favorite. From there the album just continues to pick up steam on the tracks “You’re Not Alone”, “Feels Like Forever” and “Life Screams”. “Life Screams” is one of those records that has all the bases covered. It is a hard rockin’ album with moments of aggression, rampant melodicism, and above all tons of passion and heart.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Impossible
  2. The Soldier
  3. I’m Not Laughing
  4. Vanity
  5. Rot
  6. You’re Not Alone
  7. Feels Like Forever
  8. Life Screams
  9. Faith
  10. Roxanne
  11. Run to You



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