Lachrymose – “Carpe Noctum” (2015)


Label: Pure Steel Publishing

Review by Miss Peaches

Lachrymose, hailing from Thessaloniki, is a dark melodic doom metal band with a motto that it isn’t just a dream but it is a way of life. After long years of individual presence in the metal scene and with the infernal blessing of comrades and brothers Rotting Flesh, a new power is rising. The talented Blackmass of Rotting Flesh, along with fellow axeman Mancer have joined forces with former partner in crimes, Kerk and Hel, the band’s shadow whisperer, they have raised up Lachrymose. Their debut album “Carpe Noctum” was recorded at Revolver studios and was mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding in Skyhammer Studios, UK. Hel‘s vocal tones are quite breathtaking, such power unleashed from within….. a true treat to the ears. I would have to recommend listening to “In a Reverie”, it is an amazingly mesmerizing track from this album. Whilst listening to “The Black Legend” I couldn’t help but notice the seductive bass tones enticing me in to want more, I must say this whole album is one I would purchase in a heartbeat. For all those of you who love a good drum beat have a listen to face of horror, Mancer has provided us all with an epic treat, not to mention the depth of Blackmass‘s vocals on this track in particular… it is an absolute killer. I would have to say this is my personal favorite track from this album. The guitar tone in fade is one that will haunt you until you hit the repeat button on the stereo, seriously …… hit repeat!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Precipice of Bliss
  2. False God
  3. Pinnacle of Faith
  4. Black Legend
  5. My Shadow (A Revelation)
  6. Face of Horror
  7. Carpe Noctum
  8. In a Reverie (feat. Thomas Vikström)
  9. Thyella
  10. Fade


Line Up

  • Hel – Vocals
  • Blackmass – Guitars & Vocals
  • Kerk – Bass
  • Mancer – Drums



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