Lacuna Coil – “Broken Crown Halo” (2014)


Label: Century Media Records

Review by Tony Cannella

It’s hard to believe that Italy’s Lacuna Coil first released their self-titled debut EP sixteen years ago. Well, obviously a lot of time has passed but the band has maintained a certain amount of consistency on their subsequent releases. Some albums have been better than others, but for the most part the band has delivered throughout their history. 2014 sees the release of the seventh Lacuna Coil full-length album entitled “Broken Crown Halo” which in my opinion is the most inspired work this band has done in years.

The opening track “Nothing Stands In Our Way” is just pure awesomeness and a song that is all about positivity and gets the listener pumped for what is to follow. That is followed by “Zombies” and “Hostage to the Light”. “Victims” is next and followed by two of my favorites “Die & Rise” and “I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)”. Of course the duel vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro remain front and center and the songs are delivered with aggression when needed, sensitivity when needed and conviction. Throughout the 48-minutes this is Lacuna Coil at their very best and this is a band reinvigorated.

When you have been around for as long as Lacuna Coil has been you are bound to have some blips here and there – I mean, not everything can be awesome, can it? But with “Broken Crown Halo” Lacuna Coil has released their best work in years – in my opinion. The album revisits some of the qualities that I loved about that first EP and their debut full-length “In A Reverie” whilst still incorporating some of the modern elements that the band is known for. “Broken Crown Halo” is the most  album exciting I’ve been listened to in years.

Rating – 92/100



  1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
  2.  Zombie
  3. Hostage to the Light
  4. Victims
  5. Die & Rise
  6. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
  7. Cybersleep
  8. Infection
  9. I Burn in You
  10. In The End I Feel Alive
  11. One cold Day


Line Up

  • Cristina Scabbia – Lead Vocals
  • Andrea Ferro – Lead Vocals
  • Cristiano Migliore – Guitars
  • Maus – Guitars
  • Marco Coti-Zelati – Bass
  • Criz – Drums


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