Le Butcherettes – Cry Is For The Flies (2014)


Label: Ipecac Recordings

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

“Cry Is For The Flies” is the second album of the Mexican duo Le Butcherettes. For those who are familiar with Le Butcherettes’ first album, “Sin Sin Sin” (2011), this is a worthy successor. New listeners may be surprised by the almost dissonant tunes of the first few minutes, but the unexpected vocal lines keep the opening more enticing than ever.

The energetic combination of rough guitar and bass sounds is a perfect base for Teri’s voice to shine through, like in “Demon Stuck In Your Eye”, where hard rock and punk come together in a defiant, exciting performance. A different groove can be found in “My Child”, a well-placed break after the ruthless energy of the first two tracks. Another example of how Le Butcherettes grew and evolved in the past few years is the bizarre “Boulders Love over Layers of Rock”, a clear display of the band’s versatility. The most emblematic track of the whole album is probably “Normal, You Were”, a mix of all the defining elements of the band, from the vocals to the haunting arrangement. The closing track, “Crying Out To The Flies”, is one of the most emotional moments of this release, thanks to Teri’s stunning voice.

The album includes two guest artists, Henry Rollins, who provided his voice for the narration at the beginning of “Moment of Guilt”, one of the most notable tracks on the release, and Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson on “Shame, You’re All I’ve Got”. They both add a particular depth to an already varied album, though still maintaining the general consistency of theme and sound. Most of all, there is an unshakeable sense of pathos and emotion, from the heartfelt, sometimes dark lyrics to the compelling instruments. “Cry Is For The Flies” is an appreciated development and proves that Le Butcherettes keep delivering passionate, honest music.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Burn The Scab
  2. Demon Stuck In Your Eye
  3. My Child
  4. Your Weakness Gives Me Life
  5. Moment Of Guilt (Henry Rollins)
  6. Boulders Love Over Layers Of Rock
  7. Shame, You’re All I’ve Got (Shirley Manson)
  8. Normal, You Were
  9. Poet From Nowhere
  10. Crying Out To The Flies


Line Up

  • Teri Gender Bender – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
  • Omar Rodríguez-López – Bass
  • Lia Braswell – Drums



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