Lee Aaron – “Fire & Gasoline” (2016)


Label: Big Sister

Review by Tony Cannella

Lee Aaron was known as the Metal Queen in the early to mid-80s, thanks to her seminal album, “Metal Queen”. Since then she has added Jazz music to her resume, while still continuing to rock on occasion. With her first album in 12 years, “Fire and Gasoline”, Lee Aaron has recorded a hard rock record, but she still manages to inject the record with her various influences and style. It all makes for a very strong record. “Tom Boy” gets the good-vibes started immediately. This an up-tempo, bouncy fun rock song and it pretty much sums up the record. “Fire and Gasoline” has an infectious groove that makes this song instantly like-able and memorable. Other highlights include: “Wanna Be”, “Bitter Sweet” and “Heart Fix”. Fans should not expect “Metal Queen” part 2, if you do you will be disappointed, but “Fire and Gasoline” is still a fun, vibrant rock and roll record that manages to pack quite a punch. “Fire and Gasoline” is a triumphant return for Lee Aaron.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Tom Boy
  2. Fire and Gasoline
  3. Wanna Be
  4. Bitter Sweet
  5. Popular
  6. 50 Miles
  7. Bad Boyfriend
  8. Heart Fix
  9. Nothing Says Everything
  10. If You Don’t Love Me Anymore
  11. Find the Love





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