Label: Out of Line Music

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Lejana’s second studio album brings together once again its international lineup in a well-balanced mix of new wave and haunting desert rock. Linda Marlen Runge’s eerie vocals guide through a grim lyrical landscape made of love, scars, and sand. The vocals are supported by an impressive instrumental setup that carries the mood set by the lyrics with heavy drums and aggressive guitars. The songs range from gloomier tracks like “Bullet” to the groove of “The Dirty and the Beast” and “Issues”, to the 80s vibes of “Lovers”. Lejana’s music is honest and emotional, surprising but also relatable. “XII Bestias” is a journey between genres, with each track bringing the core elements of the band together with new ideas. Lejana’s internationality is slowly but surely being translated into music, and it shows a huge development from their previous release. “XII Bestias” is both approachable and satisfyingly refreshing, setting the foundation for Lejana’s promising future.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Bullet
  2. Mexico
  3. The Dirty and the Beast
  4. Bad Girls Don’t Cry
  5. Lovers
  6. Los Perros
  7. Two Worlds
  8. Roses in the Sand
  9. Issues
  10. El Corrido de Arnulfo Gonzalez
  11. Devil
  12. Schoenleinstrasse


Line Up

  • Linda Marlen Runge – Voice, synths, bass and keys
  • Eder Perales – Guitar
  • Saúl Ledesma – Guitar
  • Daniel Barrera – Bass, backing vocals
  • Isaak Fernandez – Drums




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